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In case you’ve finally written and published your book and you’ve listed on Amazon, your main objective will be to sell more books. According to many experts, the most important thing about selling more books on Amazon is to optimize your account/product page for the Amazon algorithm.

The Amazon algorithm is here to help potential and existing customers who are looking for something, you find that thing fast. It is also used to recommend the best options for Amazon customers based on their preferences and previous search terms. So, in order to stay efficient and helpful, this algorithm requires tons of data about every product. In your case, we are talking about books, be it web development books or kid’s books. So, the more data the algorithm can obtain the book you have, the better.

Now that you know what the Amazon algorithm is all about, let’s find out how you can use it to improve your book sales.

  1. Spend some time on the book description

Amazon sellers have an opportunity to write a product description for every product in their offer. In this case, the book description is useful not only for the potential buyers but also for the algorithm used by Amazon. Use this space to help the algorithm understand who will find it attractive and let it learn more about the content of your book.

One of the best tips is to add the accolades related to your books in the description, like any award that the book has won or some relevant positive critics. You should also feel free to compare your book with another successful book. In other words, tell them that if they’ve enjoyed book X, they will enjoy your book too.

Many sellers on Amazon say that gripping, emotional language used in the book description works like a charm. The main goal is to trigger emotional reactions in readers just by reading the book description. Use so-called cliffhangers to make things more dramatic and exciting. Finally, use keywords that are suitable for your book genre.

  1. Conduct keyword and category research

The Amazon algorithm relies on keywords and categories when recommending certain books. The categories found on Amazon marketplace are actually the genres. Keep in mind that you can select two categories per book. Choose the categories carefully and make sure that they are relevant. Keyword optimization is the second thing that you should during this stage. Put yourself in the shoes of readers. What are the best words that describe your book? When do you want your book to appear when someone is using Amazon search feature? The best idea is to use keywords that describe the genre, the location, the time, character types and roles and plot themes.

  1. Get more reviews

It is interesting that people are usually attracted to books with many reviews. This is the reason why you should focus on getting more reviews once your book is offered on Amazon. You can do this in many ways. For example, you can encourage readers to leave a review with a follow-up email. In addition, you can also invest in advance reader copy reviews. Obviously, you will have to provide the book to readers before it is published if you want to get reviews in this way.

  1. Take care of your author page

Finally, you should spend some time working on your author page. Keep in mind that this page should include a professional photo, an interesting biography, a list of all your books, and a link to your blog posts. For more information to start selling ebooks online: www.shopify.com/sell/ebooks


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