If you are a writer or you have tons of books stuck up your shelf, selling the books is one of the big ways to make more money.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s ride on.

In this post, I would give you a list of four great sites you can sell your books.

  1. Book Scouter. Book Scouter is one of the websites I love. All you need to do is enter the international standard book number (ISBN) of the book. And then Book Scouter would search for different buyer sites to find the ones that will pay a high price for your book.
  2. Sell Back Your Book. Sell Back Your Books works differently from most of the online book marketplaces. Instead of making your books available to interested buyers, they would buy the books directly from you. However, your books have to meet certain criteria before they buy it. But if your books meet their criteria, all you need to do is provide the ISBN of the books, and they will give you their offer. If you are comfortable with the offer, they will send a shipping label that you can use to ship the book.
  3. What’s more? They also offer Bulk ISBN. Bulk ISBN is very useful for people who have lots of books they want to sell. It is very stressful to enter different ISBNs over and over again. So this is where the Bulk ISBN comes into action.
  4. The Bulk ISBN allows you to enter as many ISBN as you can without hassle.
  5. ECampus is for people who want to sell textbooks. ECampus operates differently from the other book selling sites I listed here. ECampus can take books with writings in the margins, and other marking. If you want to eCampus, all you need to do is enter the ISBN of the book and get an instant quote for it.
  6. However, if you want to sell your books directly to students, you can sell it through the eCampus marketplace.
  7. com. Amazon is the biggest and most popular online marketplace. But if you are dearly in need of money, I don’t think Amazon is the best place you should sell your books because you would get much less for your books. But with Amazon, you can sell your books faster and easier than other marketplaces.